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Germany publishes a blockchain identity system

German government completes proof-of-concept

On March 26th 2019, the German government finished a proof-of-concept for a blockchain identity system. This concept made use of Blockchain technology to manage refugees asylum processes according to a recent report.

This will introduce a new way for the blockchain technology and immigration to be able to form partnerships as technologies like the Blockchain will disrupt the selling of Visas as well as having a huge impact on the post-Brexit and Europe segregated processes.

In the published report, the whitepaper suggests that the blockchain technology will be able to improve asylum processes with refugees.

The blockchain identity goes beyond borders

PoC was conducted on the Ethereum Blockchain wthin the first half of 2018 between the BAFM Fraunhofer FIT and another partner whose names were not mentioned.

The group was focusing on two major Blockchain applications one of which was the creation of a reliable and accurate digital identity for refugees in Germany and the second to improve the communication between authorities at the municipality, state and national levels.

Through the use of the blockchain, the group was able to create digital identities for the refugees who arrived in Germany without any means for identification.

According to reports, Biometric data that was taken and stored away in order to make sure that the information was correct and accurate. The data was handled very carefully and was consistently allocated to each refugee.

After the study it was decided that the use of the Blockchain technology to create a digital identification system will have positive effects on Europe and Brexit as whole.

“Blockchain could be the digital enabler of European federalism in the asylum context.”

Personal data protection laws that are currently in place could pose some challenges for the rapid implementation of these applications leading to institutions taking a deeper look into the blockchain technology applications.

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