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Ontology releases a Dapp product on Google Cloud

Ontology, a public multi-chain project, has added a Dapp product on Google Cloud to facilitate the development of decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Ontology blockchain.

The Dapp product, Ontology Development Platform (ont_dev_platform), has a wide range of tools that will enable the development of smart contracts. To facilitate this, the Dapp product has an Integrated Development Environment, an Ontology test environment, and a block explorer.

According to Ontology, adding a Dapp product on Google Cloud:

Makes Ontology one of the first public blockchains to have a development platform on the leading cloud provider marketplace. Using the Ontology Development Platform on the cloud provider allows you to play around with, and develop, smart contracts without having to go through the fuss of configuring and setting up an environment locally.

Apart from Google Cloud, the Dapp product is also available on other major cloud marketplaces like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ontology was developed by the same company that developed the NEO blockchain platform – OnChain. For Ontology, a Dapp product is just one of the ways it seeks to bring new technologies to companies on a simplified level.

The Ontology platform focuses on being decentralized right from its identity system to data collaboration to data exchange. With such decentralized levels, the Ontology platform is capable of building a network that is not only peer-to-peer but also a network that can be used on any device, industry, application, among others.

With the release of a Dapp product on Google Cloud, Ontology notes that:

It gives Ontology the opportunity to collaborate with Google in marketing activities. With this new relationship and development platform releases, Ontology hopes to grow the tech community and make developing Dapps more accessible for all.

Do you think the release of the Dapp product on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS will encourage companies to build decentralized applications on the Ontology blockchain?

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