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Blockchain usage gets into the South Korean military

Blockchain usage has found a new home in the South Korean military. The military department tasked with military acquisitions has indicated that it will be employing blockchain technology to enhance the business wing of the defense sector.

DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration), the military arm that deals with acquisitions, indicated that they will apply blockchain usage to curb illegal alterations of data.

According to DAPA:

The blockchain business is a project that establishes a system to prevent illegal alteration of the data of the business of DAPA by mutually dispersing and comparing the data of related organizations. It is a project that not only the DAPA but also the Agency for Defense Science and Technology, will participate together as an information management organization for the defense business.

All the participating parties are aiming at using the blockchain technology to record every procurement detail from bids to evaluation. However, the business proposal submission will also get an upgrade rising from being paper-based to being automated.

Additionally, blockchain usage will spill over to minimize the load on defense companies which handle the transportation of firearms, management of firearms permits, among other activities.

DAPA also noted that blockchain usage will enable recording and managing the whole process “from funding application to final support of defense business” thereby allowing the vendors to see the relevant information in details.

A senior official at the Defense Business Administration, Kim Tae-gon, said that blockchain usage will also find its way into the business defense service. This, according to Kim, will it help “innovate the public service.”

South Korea is increasing its activities around blockchain with the Korea Internet & Security Agency indicating that it will double the number of blockchain pilot projects from 6 to 12 before the end of 2019. The agency noted that it will do this by increasing the blockchain pilot budget.

Do you think blockchain usage will continue being adopted to achieve transparency in various fields?

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