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College dropout is using the Blockchain technology to save people lots of money

A college dropout is using the Blockchain technology to save people loads of money. Now aged 26, Maxine Ryan entered the blockchain space five years ago, and since then she hasn’t been able to leave the space. At the time she was pursuing a college degree in International relations however she felt the need to do something that would allow her to help other people.

This all changed when she met George Harrap who explained the new technology to her, and she was enamored. In Blockchain technology she found something that had a real-life application that would help her fulfill her dream of helping people.

Together with Harrap, they would go on to found Bitspark in 2014, a multinational payments business that allows people to send money overseas without the need of a bank account and the associated fees. Simply put, the company is designed to save money for those that most need it.

Bitspark uses the Blockchain technology to move money across borders

Ryan is the chief operating officer of the company while Harrap is the CEO. The company operates in Asia, a continent that suffers from poor financial services system. However, the continent has one of the largest and fast expanding workforces around the globe.

According to estimates from the World Bank, there are as many as a billion adults that operate on the continent without bank accounts. It’s a situation that makes it difficult for those that work abroad to send money back to their relatives and friends in their home countries.

As Ryan and Harrap thought of ways to use the Blockchain technology for the good of the people she remembered her struggles while living in Hong Kong. She realized the technology could offer a solution that allowed workers to deposit money from one location and their families or friends could collect from another place almost instantly at meager fees.

Speaking to CNBC, she said, “it’s a cash-in, cash-out solution.”

Bitspark started small in Hong Kong but now has grown to an online platform that has a presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Pakistan.

Given that she has achieved so much at a young age one wonders what her life philosophy could be “In my 20s, I would prefer to struggle and work for myself rather than be really comfortable and work for someone else.”

What’s your take on this college dropout who is using the Blockchain technology to better other people lives? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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