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Internet Court employs the blockchain technology to solve copyright issues for online writers

China is finding another innovative way to apply the powers of the distributed ledger technology. This time employing the blockchain technology to solve copyright issues which have been plaguing those who publish their work on the internet. This is being facilitated by an Internet Court located in Hangzhou. China has three such courts.

In China, an Internet Court is considered a normal court with the only difference being that it only handles cases relating to the internet. Additionally, it allows cases to be filed through the internet.

The application of blockchain technology to solve copyright issues is meant to provide online writers with a solid source of evidence in case their online literature has been duplicated without their consent.  

Interestingly, the development of the blockchain technology to solve piracy issues is emanating from a city which is home to a large number of Chinese online writers. The writers even have a ‘village’ in one of the districts in the city.

“Writers used to resort to screenshots and downloaded content as evidence, which was hard to gain legal recognition as the process was not credible enough. On the hand, notarial procedures and hiring of professional lawyers push up the costs of seeking justice,” said Wang Jiangqiao, a judge at the Internet Court.

Jiangqiao continued to note that using the blockchain technology to solve these issues:

“Guarantees that data cannot be tampered due to its decentralized and open distributed ledger technology. Therefore, all digital footprints stored in the judicial blockchain system – authorship, time of creation, content, and evidence of infringement – have legal effect.”

The introduction of internet courts in China was informed by the growing number of internet businesses and an 800,000,000 internet user base.

The move by China to employ the blockchain technology to solve copyright issues comes in the wake of another one where the United States Department of Homeland Security is seeking to fund blockchain startups to develop solutions that will use blockchain to solve, among other things, document forgery.

Do you think the adoption of blockchain technology to solve document forgery will be a milestone in solving the forgery cases that have plagued property title deeds around the world?

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