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London’s blockchain smartphone retail store will do more than just sell smartphones

London is making history by being home to the first blockchain smartphone retail stores. However, the store will do more than just sell a blockchain smartphone.

The retail store has been opened by an Israeli startup, Sirin Labs, which has been concentrating on developing a fully-fledged blockchain smartphone with the aim of making the lives of crypto enthusiasts easier. The startup unveiled its first blockchain smartphone, Solarin, back in early 2016. However, due to its price tag, the adoption rate was very low.

Without losing faith in their cause, Sirin Labs went back on the drawing board and in late 2017 they revealed they were developing the Finney, a blockchain smartphone, for the average crypto enthusiast. Unlike the Solarin which was retailing at around $14K, the Finney was to retail at approximately $1K.

Preorders for the new blockchain smartphone started being accepted in late 2018 and the actual shipping started last week.

To bring the new blockchain smartphone closer to crypto enthusiasts, Sirin Labs has opened a retail store in London. More than just a retail store, it will provide a place for the crypto community around the area to converge. Additionally, the store will sell phone accessories and clothing e.g T-shirts, and hoodies

Kenes Rakishev, Chair, Sirin Labs, said that they first opted for London is because:

London is diverse, creative, and a thriving technology hub. In 2018, London’s tech sector attracted significantly more investment than other European centers, raising more than 1.8 billion Euros. It is the ideal first location for the Finney, the first mass-market blockchain phone in the world, to go on sale.

Other locations that the Israeli firm plans to open a store include Tokyo and New York.

Do you think the Blockchain smartphone will see mass adoption due to its features coupled with an average price tag?

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