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5 leading companies when it comes to blockchain job postings 

New data from indicates that four consulting companies lead the way when it comes to blockchain job postings. The data was released yesterday and included an analysis of the US market when it comes to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and blockchain job postings.

In first place is Deloitte followed by IBM and KPMG which occupy the second and third positions respectively. EY and Accenture hold the fourth and fifth position.

It’s not surprising that Deloitte occupies the first position as the firm has been very active in the blockchain space lately. It has been engaging in trials, development of products and offering services around the technology.

Back in April 2018 after appointing a new blockchain lead, the company said: “We envision that [Deloitte’s] ever-evolving and nimble team will build upon our past success in helping our clients, which includes 92 percent of the financial service companies listed on the Fortune 500 list, to hone their blockchain-backed offerings.”

Among financial institutions, JPMorgan leads the other firms within the industry with the most blockchain job postings over the last year. Forget the fact that its CEO Jamie Dimon has been very skeptical of Bitcoin, the leading product of the nascent tech.

However, the bank is actively preparing for a future where the blockchain technology is a vital part of its financial infrastructure. In February of this year, the firm even revealed that it was working on its own cryptocurrency coin.

But no other Wall Street institution was in the top ten of the list. Also, there was no other banking or financial institution hiring blockchain staff. According to Andrew Flowers who is an economist with the job site the reason is simple, there is no way they will hire for something that is meant to replace money.

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