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Tron owned BitTorrent to release a P2P social media app in Q2 of 2019

Peer to peer software company BitTorrent is planning to release a public beta version of its decentralized social media application BitTorrent Live by the second quarter of this year. This is according to an announcement that was made yesterday in a press release.

Also, the statement noted that the Tron owned platform started offering early access to the BitTorrent Live streaming service yesterday. The app is a video-based social media platform which in many ways is similar to TikTok and Snapchat allows users to connect with other people through mobile devices and also create live content.

The P2P social media app will allow users to stream from anywhere there is access to the internet and viewers will be able to give instant feedback and likes. Users of the app will also be able to search for subjects that interest them.

Interestingly, the BitTorrent app is actually not new. Its existence can be traced back to 2012. At the time Bram Cohen who is the author of BitTorrent said that his goal for the platform was “to kill off the television.” However, since then the character of the platform has changed a lot.

The first version of BitTorrent Live wasn’t a social media app but a content delivery protocol. But, it was shut down in April 2017 after the parent company was unsuccessfully failed to raise funds that would have enabled them to spin it off as an independent business.

At the start of this year, Simon Morris who is the former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent said that Tron wasn’t going to handle the transaction volume that is needed to tokenize BitTorrent. He reiterated that there was no way the Tron blockchain was going to handle the transaction volume that the system requires.

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