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The AsiaEconomy TV ‘Blockbattle’ wins WBF innovative program award

Blockchain in Asia growing with innovative awards

According to a press release last week, a Korean TV program won an award for being one of the most Innovative programs on TV in the Asian Blockchain media industry. The program goes under the name Blockbattle.

Coming from the CEO of BlockMonsterlab Moon Kyungmi, the announcement was made on the TV program called ‘BlockBattle’ and was broadcasted on the AsiaEconomy TV last year.

The program received an award for being the most outstanding Overseas TV Show of the year in 2019 at the World Blockchain Forum Shenzhen and World Blockchain Award Asia, which was hosted by World Blockchain Forum(WBF).

At the event the World Blockchain Award Asia awarded 4 categories. (1) Blockchain project, (2) Institutional Investors, (3) Best Media and (4) Innovative media. Amongst the selected groups Blockbattle was chosen as the most Innovative Media for the award.

On the photo to the left is Moon, Kyungmi CEO of BlockMonsterlab.

The CEO of BlockMonsterlabs stated at the award ceremony that:

“The World is growing in the better direction, Blockchain is one of the aspects under that direction. Through BlockBattle, we worked hard to illustrate the intensity of Blockchain projects and the difficulty of this kind of technology becoming easy and simple for the general crowd.”

The BlockMonsterlab group has scheduled for this coming May to broadcast BlockBattle Season 2 on the AsianEconomy TV.

Kyungmi added that for the completeness of the program, many domestic and foreign partners are working hard towards getting all the teams working together as one.

The Blockbattle program was co-organized by the AsianEconomy TV, the BlockMonsterlab and the Viral Nation, that was broadscast last year in October.

The program went for a total of five episodes while showing that the Domestic and Foreign Blockchain projects have some great technology and business models on the way.

These projects are focused on surviving and getting to the top. In the first season of this project, Grabity, which is a smartphone-optimised Blockchain platform won the first place prize.


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