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Upcoming UNLOCK Blockchain forum in Dubai invites the European Blockchain Foundation

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According to a press release from the EBF, the European Blockchain foundation has been invited to partake in an upcoming forum in Dubai. The event was announced on the 26th of November 2018 and the list of speakers that will be present at the forum is still not known. The upcoming Unlock Blockchain forum in Dubai will be held on the 15th and 16th of January 2019, and one of the speakers will be the Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, Bart Brands.

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He has been invited to speak on the efforts of the EBF in order to promote common sense regulation for Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges together with the Blockchain applications. Brands stated that:

“I’m delighted to speak on the progress we are making among government officials and policymakers in Europe. We at the Foundation believe that our efforts are needed and will possibly, have a significant impact on implementation of regulations and therefore the adoption and implementation of the Blockchain technology as a way to enhance freedom and individual data ownership.” 

Some of the companies expected to be present include the UNLOCK company, DMCC which is a platform providing information and insights pertaining to the Blockchain sector. The first UNLOCK Forum that was held in Dubai was back in January 2018 which was a great success with more than 550 attendees. Along with more than 60 Blockchain startups from more than 35 different countries, with some great speakers.

The UNLOCK Blockchain forum in Dubai is proud to present yet another show in the UAE, as the industry is seeing more and more companies getting interested in the Blockchain applications. Despite the fall of fiat price in the cryptocurrency market, there are a lot of institutions and private family investments offices eager to invest in the markets.

blockchain forumDuring the event, topics like Security Tokens offerings, future exchanges, the scalability issues of blockchain interoperability, how the government plans on using the blockchain technology, blockchain for trade, supply chain management, businesses, health care data and tokenization of economies will be dealt upon.

The second day of the event will see the discussion of Blockchain and AI in Smart cities, the GDPR compliance with Blockchain and digital identity, together with the state of Blockchain energy sectors and the role of telecommunication using the Blockchain technology.  Swisscom is said to be the sponsor of the event;

“We are always proud to sign up sponsors who are working to build the Blockchain ecosystem and who believes in the MENA region as a center for not only implementation of Blockchain but also the development. We are also inviting as well all Blockchain startups in the region and globally to participate at this year’s UNLOCK”

The Unlock Blockchain forum in Dubai has signed more than 30 media partnerships together with some of the top media players in order to continue developing relationships.


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