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The European Parliament invites the EBF for a blockchain debate

The European Blockchain Foundation aims at demystifying how the tech is perceived

According to reports by the EBF, the foundation has been invited by European Parliament on November 27, 2018, to partake on a dinner debate over which they will have discussions on the blockchain technology. During this blockchain debate, the EBF aims at demystifying how the blockchain is being perceived and utilized within Europe. Two members of the EBF will be present during the dinner and they are expected to have a discussion with the IEEE.

European Parliament with blockchain

The IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers) is a New York-based organization with over 417,000 members across 160 countries made up of engineers and scientists specialized in electricity and computer science.

On the other hand, the EBF consists of several experienced professionals working in the field of Blockchain Technology. The Foundation is also focused on sharing their experiences and criticisms about both the Blockchain hype and the lack of clear policies that need to be implemented on a European level.

According to both Tim Gerding (board member) and Bart Brands (Chairman),  the team is very pleased with the overall possibilities that this event will present.

According to Bart Brands;

“These types of events are creating both awareness and go beyond the hype that Blockchain has experienced. I am especially impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of MEP Eva Kaili, who was hosting the dinner and is very active in her pursuit of common sense regulation to achieve the promise that Blockchain technology holds.”



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