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CryptoFriday at Rotterdam Blockchain community for information about the growing cryptocurrency industry

Information and collaboration at the Rotterdam Blockchain event

There will be a crypto event this Friday on the 09th of November at the Rotterdam Blockchain Community for individuals and companies that are interested in what the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry can offer them and their company. Attendees will also be getting an explanation of the new emerging market of digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Attendees will be able to enter 20 mins before the planned panel starts. There will also be a 40 minutes demo for companies that are interested in the Blockchain applications and will also be able to showcase any products or services they would like to introduce to the industry.

There will be an information table where attendees will be able to interact with each other and receive visitors that are interested in their applications.

cryptofriday in Rotterdam

The panel discussions will take an hour to 1 hour and 30 mins, with 4 experts available. Two of them are already confirmed for the panel discussions and there will be a solidity developer together with the chairman of the European Foundation Mr. Bart Brands.

The first hour will be directed to rounds for each topic, the topics will be related to the different challenges in the Blockchain industry at the moment, this includes trust, sustainability, and governance. The audience will be able to ask questions in each round as the team is focused on making this panel very interactive.

Building the Blockchain network in the Netherlands

After the panel discussion, there will be a 1 hour for networking and for people that are interested in talking to more companies.

The idea is to make this event as interactive as possible with questions from the audience while making some great companies showcase their ideas for the Blockchain technology. The Rotterdam Blockchain Community aims to bring individuals into the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space while providing all the necessary information on how to start a Blockchain project and ways of using a wallet app and the technology.

The Rotterdam Blockchain Cryptofriday will also be giving away some great prizes to purchasers of the tickets for a chance to win crypto prizes.



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