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A crypto trader has been arrested after killing his girlfriend and dumping her body in the river

A well-known crypto trader has been arrested in the Philippines after allegedly killing his girlfriend and dumping her body in the river. Troy Woody Jr. who is from California was arrested together with Mir Islam who is a Brooklyn native.

According to the Daily Mail the two are accused of murdering Tomi Michelle Masters and dumping her body on the Manila Pasig River.

The police learned of the incident after a taxi driver of the vehicle the two had hired to help dump a huge box on the river reported the incident. While the two have admitted to dumping the body, they are accusing each other of the murder.

Igmedio Bernaldez, the head superintendent of Mandaluyong City Police told reporters that they are yet to establish the motive. He adds that the three were in the country on vacation.

The two keep pointing fingers at each other on who is responsible for the murder according to the officer. For now, they are still being questioned, and the house they were staying in is being searched for evidence.

The police found the body of Masters wound in duct tape and it was covered in scratches. A post-mortem shows that she died from suffocation. According to people close to the couple, the crypto trader and his girlfriend had a falling out earlier this month.

According to Masters’ father, she had shown a desire to return to Indiana where she was originally from. Islam was of the opinion that if Masters had returned, Troy would leave and this would disrupt their business.

After the arrest, the two revealed that they were both chief executive officers at Luxr LLC, a crypto trading firm that was registered in Delaware. Other than trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the two friends are believed to members of UGNazi, an online mischief group.

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    December 29, 2018

    Bitcoin price wouldn’t matter as much now to him. He will nor see a natural sky again.

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