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Bitcoin SV Reinvents its logo for the Era of Mass adoption

The new Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency is ready for mainstream

There was a redesign of the Bitcoin SV logo, which took approximately 50 days in order to redesign. The logo aims to illustrate that the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision is the true vision of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin SV is moving in a positive direction with the reinvention of its logo. While other Blockchain cryptocurrency projects celebrated the 10th anniversary on trivial developments and different kinds of ideas for mass adoption. The Bitcoin SV team started to redesign its logo for a major move in the business sector.

The logo was done by the Bitcoin Commerce Association also known as Bcomm. The Association announced a new redesign of the logo after the Bitcoin Cash hardfork. The Bitcoin SV community has been demonstrating great support towards a redesign, as the project has broken the record for the fastest rebranding for a forked Coin.

Bitcoin SV implementation

According to a press release, the bComm has emphasised that the new design reflects the Bitcoin SV’s origins and root of concept. The association also hopes this will lead the new era of Bitcoin for the integration of professional institutions.

The redesign was needed in order to usher in a new level of maturity for the BSV protocol to be displayed, after the hardfork from Bitcoin Cash. This happened during the hash wars back in November that caused the chains to split, in order to develop for different aspects of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin SV currently has less than 5,000 active wallet address registered to it. The team thinks that the logo shows that bitcoin is ready to grow up in the mainstream.

The logo demonstrates a BSV passage to adulthood, after years of its creation. The emblem features a (b), along with the SV letters, presented in dragon gold, which honours the dragon logo of the Bitcoin SV full node implementations.

According to nChain’s CEO Jimmy Nguyen:

“After too many years of wasteful diversions from the Satoshi’s Vision, we can now finally celebrate Bitcoin’s rebirth, as the new BSV logo represents this pivotal moment for Bitcoin to grow up.”

Bitcoin SV

The nChain project further demonstrates the commitment to the professionalism of the bitcoin protocol. The nChain CEO elaborated on the distinction between the logo’s by stating that:

To differentiate the full node implementation from the BSV cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin SV node team at nChain intends to keep the dragon logo for now. Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese zodiac. The dragon logo symbolizes leadership , ambition, good fortune, energy, and independence.”

The creation of the logo was based on a scientific research study that was partly conducted through the BSV community on twitter. The selected audience were asked to choose from a selection of contending logos. The most preferred design won with a 33% out of 1,035 votes.

What are your thoughts in this new redesign of the bitcoin logo? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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