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Bitcoin for Notre Dame initiative launched to help rebuild the French cathedral

On April 15, a fierce fire razed down a section of the 850 years old French cathedral. Firefighters announced the fire officially extinguished after 15 hours. The main stone structure and its two towers were saved. Since the fire started, countries and French nationals have pledged millions to help rebuild the cathedral. The cryptocurrency community was also not ready to be left behind and the Bitcoin for Notre Dame initiative was launched.

A Twitter user said:

[French] President, Emmanuel Macron, has announced a subscription to rebuild Notre Dame. Hey Bitcoiners, let’s prove to the French authorities Bitcoin can be an amazing way to send funds quickly, without border[s] and for a good cause! Bitcoin for Notre Dame.

Macron indicated that the cathedral would be repaired. While countries and individuals pledged their support, Australia took the chance to remind France of its meanness during Australia’s donation request.

While Australia’s prime minister indicated that the country would not support France to rebuild Notre Dame, he categorically said Australians can do so since Australia is “a free country.”

The Bitcoin for Notre Dame initiative is not the first such initiative to help raise funds for a worthy cause. During the recent destructive floods in Japan, the cryptocurrency community joined forces to donate towards helping flood victims.

Recently, the cryptocurrency community gathered around Hodlonaut, the Lightning Torch organizer to show their support. Hodlonaut found themselves in an awkward position after claiming Craig Wright, Bitcoin SV’s largest supporter, is a fraud. Wright launched a manhunt to locate Hodlonaut’s physical location. Binance was among top exchanges to announce that it will delist Bitcoin SV due to its leader’s misconduct.

Even with a Bitcoin for Notre Dame initiative, France is no stranger to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The country is home to artists who paint artwork on the streets with details of hidden Bitcoins. The artwork is designed as a puzzle and whoever solves it first gets the Bitcoins.

Do you think the Bitcoin for Notre Dame initiative will raise a notable amount?

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