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Bitcoin Enthusiast from Anarchapulco was shot dead

There has been a recent shoot out which has left John Galton, an American anarchist, Marijuana activist and bitcoin enthusiast, dead through multiple bullet wounds.

The Bitcoin enthusiast was recently shot dead in his home in the Mexican resort of Acapulco. This seems to have been a break-in of some sort according to the investigation.

Mr. Galton was the host of Anarchapulco Fork and according to the Daily Mail, the event has sent shivers through the tightknit which is an anti-establishment community that organizes events in Acapulco.

These events usually include seminars on freedom related topics, and also how to make money with cryptocurrencies.

According to John’s partner Lily Forester who posted an update on Social Media about the current situation, it revealed that she saw the gunmen going straight for the Bitcoin enthusiast, John and his friend Jason Henza, who was also shot.

Jason Henza managed to make it to a private hospital with bullets wounds in his armpit, leg and hand and he checked out of the hospital the same day.

Reports coming from a video on social media reveal that the distress came from Lily’s screams for help and asking for somebody to “please come and help”.

Mr. Galton was later proclaimed dead while Henza was in the other room fighting for his life. In the video can be seen that Henza was smattered in a bloody T-shirt, the video also shows him saying that:

“Hey Guys, i just wanted to say i love you. We were attacked. I’ve been shot three times. I’m not doing so good. I know, thoughts and prayers and all that stuff.”

They are also recruiting speakers for conferences, which was set to take place later that month. On the decentralised platform Steemit, there are still people trying to find out if Lily is doing good.

According to an update on a Facebook post from Anarchapulco the founder Jeff Berwick was contacted. In a report he stated that there was a potential suspect who was threatening him and John in the past. However, this news of the shooting seems to have come from six shooters of the cartel.

He also mentioned that both of them where living in one of the most dangerous parts of Acapulco. He further added that:

“They also had made some enemies with the cartel in that area according to sources. I have said in the past that there is one thing that can get you killed in Mexico as a foreigner and that is competing with the cartel in the drug business.”

The U.S. Department of State officials has reportedly claimed the Bureau of Consular Affairs was aware of an investigating that was going on surrounding the death of a U.S citizen in the region.

However, there is no additional information given over the privacy concerns of this case. Acapulco reportedly has a murder rate of 64.2 per 100,000 residents. 


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