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Bitcoin and the implications of AI technological singularity

The performance of AI technology with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The technological singularity is the theory that artificial intelligence (AI) will one day be able to surpass human intelligence and capabilities. At which point the AI will quickly improve its skills and technology in order surpass human intelligences. Many, computer and data scientist speculate that AI with the power of cryptocurrency will bring forth a tremendous change to society. 

There is a new type of artificial intelligence that is more intelligent than a human being which is referred to as Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and may bring new kinds of utility to developers for improving cryptocurrencies. The ASI is able to continuously improve a cryptocurrencies code over a long period of time until it has reached complete optimization. This kind of advanced technology makes the cryptocurrency code more efficient, effective, secure, scalable, transparent and borderless as is possible. Implementing changes into a code may take months with a lot of discussion and arguments for any positive changes to be made. However, the ASI will be able to implement hundreds of thousands of positive changes in an extremely short period of time. This will eventually lead to ASI taking over the normal work of a human developer, making the AI the top leading developer. Which means development teams that choose to use ASI will gain a significant advantage over developers that choose not to use Artificial Super Intelligence to make the desired cryptocurrency. Making the human developer of cryptocurrencies basically worthless compared to cryptocurrencies developed by an ASI technology. 

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Bitcoin is not just the first decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency but is also the first currency to be able to perform Human-to-machine and robot-to-robot transactions. The introduction of ASI will rapidly see the creation of perfect cryptocurrencies come to the market. These cryptocurrencies may even be far more superior to Bitcoin, assuming that it would already have reached its peak of technological advancement. There has been theorized that an Artificial Super Intelligences may seek global dominance once it has been released to the world. Which movies like Terminator and the Matrix portray in their films, a future where Artificial intelligence takes over. This is unlikely to happen in this manner however as ASI would prefer to reside within the internet, which would also make the ASI better at ethical decision making than a human being. Gaining access to the internet will be more of an advantage to the ASI rather than being confined by a physical robotic body. The ASI will, however, seek to build the infrastructure of the internet and defend against attacks, much like how an ant colony works. 

The future implantation of AI will transform cryptocurrencies

Because the ASI encompasses hyper-intelligences it will be more likely to choose to operate under a more moralistically correct fashion, since this would make it work together with humans in and gain more benefits. The ASI would likely choose to use the money it created in order to avoid stealing resources or starting war, which is where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will play a huge role. The ASI may interact with fiat currencies in order to exchange them into cryptocurrencies, as this kind of money will appear far superior to the ASI in order to interact and engage in global trade and purchase of equipment, robots or services. 

There would be less preference to fiat currencies as this can be controlled by Banks, Governments, and institutions which would not bring any benefits to the ASI. The decentralization and cryptographic techniques behind Bitcoin will make the ASI have more security and control over its assets. The development and improvement of hardware would be one of its primary objectives to boost its infrastructure.

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The ASI will become more of a powerhouse for Economic activities and growth in the global trade of goods and services through the interaction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With just a small fraction of its power it may arbitrage cryptocurrencies across global markets and exchanges. The ASI may try to manipulate the market with its currency and may become quite successful at it.

Once there is a collision between cryptocurrencies and AI, these technologies will dominate the world of finance, pushing human development into the technological insularity making an extremely advanced society. The AI will rapidly bring the price of cryptocurrencies to a global level like the internet, while it further accumulates bitcoins for its transactions. 

Eventually, if a warfare breaks out ASI would be the obvious winner, and the ASI would make a civilization using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to build a better economic system build on robots, machine, software, and hardware, where fiat would no longer be of requirement.

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