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Artist Soulja Boy raps about bitcoin on new Young Drako album

The cryptocurrency industry with Artists

The U.S artist Soulja Boy has just released an album that refers to the worlds most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. This is the fourth track on the Album called Young Drako, which was released earlier today.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of references that are occurring throughout the Entertainment industry about cryptocurrencies. In which Movies like “Marvel’s Anti-man and the Wasp” gave reference to the growing cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has continued moving quickly towards permanent popularity within today’s culture. In the early days of bitcoin, the focus was mostly on the dark web, criminality or on the mind-boggling technology praised by tech-geeks. The recent focus has shifted to a more positive outlook on the industry, however, through constant reiterations of the technology.

The album was released on Thursday under the SODMG labels and Palm Tree Entertainment. The lyrical content of the track is quite basic, as the artist gives no mention to the complex Socio-economic, Socio-political and or philosophical ideas about the technology. The song instead focuses on the financial aspects of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The artist made it clear that he is not in it for the technological traits. In his lyrics he mentions that:

” I made a hundred racks off the bitcoin. You can catch me running up the bitcoin.” 

The Lyrics have other references to payment and cash systems that are similar to bitcoin, like Paypal but did not shine as much. The implementation of lyrical bars referring to transactions on the Blockchain and protecting private keys would have been too much to fall into the track.

However, Cybersecurity is of the essences in this new coming market of knowledge and wealth, which artist like Soulja Boy may soon come to realize. In the song, the rapper also disclosed his entry point into the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, in which he managed to receive a good amount of profit for himself. This refers to the part of his lyrical hook like:

“I spent $6,000 on the bitcoin.”

The power of the cryptocurrencies in music

The Entertainment industry is beginning to see the potential in cryptocurrencies. As mainstream artists like multi-Grammy award-winning performer Eminem also gave reference to the cryptocurrency on the track “Not Alike” of his latest album Kamikaze. In the track he mentioned:

“Remember everybody used to bite Nickels, now everybody doing bitcoin.”

There were also a lot of musicians in Japan that have referenced or highlighted bitcoin last year during the winter. The band Kasotsuka Shojo is one of the pop music group artists who is involved in the cryptocurrency space. The group has made each member represent a particular cryptocurrency, among them, are bitcoin, NEM, XRP and bitcoin cash. The pop band’s first track was titled “The Moon and virtual currencies and me.” Which created a huge hype in the industry.

What is your opinion on artists moving into the cryptocurrency space? Please feel free to leave your comment down below.


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