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A school in France is accepting tuition fees in cryptocurrency

From just offering blockchain and cryptocurrency lessons, a school in France is accepting tuition fees in cryptocurrencies.

Financia Business School partnered with Coin Capital, a hedge fund manager headquartered in Paris, to help students find it easy to pay their tuition fees using cryptocurrencies.

The business school offers studies in finance and business studies and recently introduced courses specializing in blockchain technology. The school becomes the first in the country to accept cryptocurrencies for those pursuing a course at the institute.

Since its establishment in 2014, the school has been offering MBA and bachelor’s programs. It also offers masters in financial technology (Fintech). Its alumni are dotted across reputable firms across France.

In the 2018 academic year, five students have paid their tuition fees using bitcoin. One of the students, Adam Hasib, noted that he discovered this “technology [bitcoin] very early on and quickly became a staunch follower of the blockchain’s decentralized model. By June 2017 I had acquired my first bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school.”

With international students at the school making up 25 percent of all the enrolled students, money transfer issues has always been a tedious process.

But with the introduction of crypto payments, notes Financia Business School, has eased this process for international students and has enabled the school to trace transactions.

Financia Business School joins a growing list of universities and colleges all over the globe who have introduced blockchain and cryptocurrency programs and courses.

The list includes the London School of Economics which introduced a cryptocurrency-focused program four months ago. Stanford University tops the list of higher learning institutions in the world offering high-end blockchain programs.

Jobs requiring expertise in blockchain technology have been on the rise in the recent past.

With Financia Business School accepting tuition fees in cryptocurrency, do you think other learning institutions offering courses in blockchain technology will follow the same path?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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