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The young cryptocurrency Tron, to be available on Ellipal hardware wallet

The adoption of tokens in the financial system with Tron TRX

According to reports coming from Tron Foundation in Hong-Kong centered around the Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies businesses, the company, Ellipal Limited will now be supporting Tron’s token the ,TRX.

Blockchain phone

The company provides cold wallet storage solutions for users of cryptocurrencies. These strategies used by the compan in order to keep users crypto Assets safe ,will be able to connect everyone to the Blockchain for quick transactions.

The Ellipal team is on a mission to connect all blockchain users safely and conveniently to each other. There are also other companies like Ellipal that are focused on bringing this feature to the Blockchain ecosystem for example the company BlOCKNET, which brings the internet of blockchains.

Ellipal also provides a mobile-oriented hardware wallet solution for the safe storage of digital assets. The company has stated that its next versions of cold wallets will allow users to make their daily transactions securely while securing exchanges and bringing market news and information to the crypto community.

A short insight into Ellipal

The Ellipal cold wallet hardware, will be coming with a 4-inch touchscreen and a highly intuitive UI, for simple users interface interaction. Users will be able to create accounts, recover their accounts while having the ability to import them by using private keys.

The cold wallet hardware will be becoming with a mobile app that will help users of the device get access seamlessly to their funds.

According the company’s reports the hardware wallet will have 650 hours worth of stand-by mode. The cold wallet hardware will come with support for Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DigiByte and Tether out of the box.

The hardware wallet will be able to also support multiple ERC-20 tokens like OmiseGo, Aeternity, Binance Coin, Gemini Dollar, 0x Protocol and Zilliqa among others.

The company has stated that it has other cryptocurrencies in development for the device which will support cryptos such as EOS, XMR, DODGE, XLM.

With a recent firmware update from Ellipal, users will be holding all their cryptos in personalised accounts. The users had previously had to create different accounts for cryptocurrencies.

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