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TRON (TRX) now available to say ‘thank you’ on a leading social media platform

Using virtual currencies to reward those who engage with content on social media platforms like Reddit has been available for a while now with the likes of XRP ruling the space. But not anymore. Tron is now available to say ‘thank you’ on a leading social media platform – twitter.

TRON’s addition as a tipping option on twitter has been made possible by Goseedit which is a payment platform built on the TRON blockchain.

For the whole process to work, the person ‘congratulating’ twitter users who engage with posts on the platform will have to login on twitter through the payment platform and in the same time give the platform the necessary permissions to access your twitter account.

To tip a twitter user, the payment platform only allows two formats.

One, when replying on twitter whether it’s a message, post or comment, use the format “+(amount) @Goseedit” for example +30@Goseedit.

Two, using the user’s twitter handle/username using the following format “@(username)+(amount) @Goseedit”. E.g @Mary +30 @Goseedit.

After you tip, the receiver will get a message that they have received some TRX cryptocurrency. They will then need to use the same payment platform to access their new found TRX coins.

With this new development regarding TRON (TRX) the equation of adoption and usability is being solved bit by bit with every sunrise.

Recently Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, also indicated that they will be integrating TRX into BitTorrent after its acquisition by the TRON foundation.

From being used as bail in court to paying employee salaries, the adoption and spend-ability of cryptocurrencies is being proven slowly and constantly. Additionally, adult content sites like Pornhub, have endorsed the usage of cryptocurrencies.

The adoption curve is poised to get steeper in the near future as cryptos stamp their place in the financial sector.

With TRON (TRX) now available to say ‘thank you’ on a leading social media platform, do you think more platforms like YouTube will also add TRON (TRX) as a tipping option?

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