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The cryptocurrency and platform IOTA releases Chat application on its IOTA Tangle

New permissionless app being released by Omega team

According to reports coming from the IOTA team they have just released an app called Chat.ixi, which is a new permissionless application that will be running on the blockchain.

The IOTA team started the new year by introducing an app running on the IOTA controlled agent (IcT). The application was released by the Omega Team members, Samuel , Lukas Tassanyi also known as MicroHash. In a blog during the release of the app, the community noted that IcT is futuristic and hard to understand. However, the team plans to provide proof-of-concept with the release of the CHAT.ixi app.

The app will give IcT a positive look while showcasing all the features the IOTA extension Interface (IXI) has to offer, according to MicroHash. The CHAT.ixi is a lightweight node that is designed for the Internet of Things actives. The application is different from other forms of chat applications in that it is running on an immutable and permissionless network which provides data-integrity.

This way the chat does not need a moderator or any specific rules towards it. The effects have a wide rang of opportunities as well as a few risk factors that may arise in the chat app. This becomes very important especially for those who are suppressed. The team is planning on releasing the chat app with no ads and does not collect data from the members.

The app does not support a centralised framework because of the inner workings of the Tangle, which makes the messages of users uncensored and tamper proof.

The IcT application

The team at IOTA has declared that the IOTA Controlled AgenT (IcT) works as an experimental IOTA node that is dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows for the connectivity of multiple devices that work in a dynamic network. IOTA networks are sometimes unpredictable because of the nature of the network.

The IOTA platform aims to become the standard protocol for the internet of Things and is working to bring the possibilities of true IoT experience to the world. Security and immutability will be one of the core features, where the intended creation is to have its won IoT microcosm using the IcT. This takes out the need to wait for a edge network to grow and retrofit their solutions accordingly.

The team also has a roadmap for the IcT application where the team will be working on the improvements of the general interface design of IXI. There are also plans to extent the module support in more languages, which is currently only Java. While at the sametime increasing security and reliability of the IcT.

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