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Romanian cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin trading company CEO arrested, heading to US to face charges

Crackdown on fraudulent cryptocurrency activities continues by the US government. This time around, it has arrested Vlad Nistor, CEO of Coinflux, a Romanian cryptocurrency exchange company that was trading Bitcoin.

At the behest of American authorities, Vlad has now been arrested by Romanian officials. and he awaits extradition to the US, where he’s set to face a range of changes that cover fraud, money laundering, computer, and fraud.

According to Romanian news outlets, the extradition is set to happen quickly, and Nistor could be on his way to the USeven by the time you read these words.

It seems this is a relatively sudden move, too. Just last week, Vlad Nistor appeared on Romanian Tv chatting about cryptocurrency and the CoinFlux exchange.

The crypto exchange has not disclosed yet about the arrest on its blog or social media pages. The firm was advertising Nistor’s impending appearance on a local radio show.

The three-year-old CoinFlux is an exchange platform so small that it does not register on CoinMarket Cap’s market lists. There are markets on that page with volumes as small as $10,000, although, admittedly, they are on crypto exchanges with much higher volumes.

While cases of money laundering are not uncommon, it adds substantially to the negative sentiments in the cryptomarket. TCU reported, ShapeShift has been involved in money laundering by allowing anonymous users to convert their Bitcoins into other currencies, which the regulatory authorities aren’t able to track.

An editorial in one local press expressed an opinion against the extradition of Vlad Nistor, 
Either Romanian Vlad Nistor rushed USSSguest starters yesterday morning, packed him tonight, and today he wants to pack him in the United States. Nobody opposes extradition from the Romanian authorities, even though the Romanian citizen is only in a criminal investigation stage – no one knows why he is accused (yesterday even the defenders had no idea what to build their minimal defense). Well, how about human rights, the right to an equitable judge, the equality of arms, and so on?

Over 9 million USD has been exchanged using ShapeShift in the last 2 years, which were intended for criminal proceeds. Although Shapeshift is registered in Switzerland, they have their offices in Colorado, U.S.A., with both the company’s CEO and marketing chief residing in Denver.


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