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One cryptocurrency that has its foot firmly set on 2019 and beyond: Qtum

The end of 2017 brought a hope that cryptocurrencies are real and should be given the attention they deserve. However, 2018 started with a slightly lower spirit as market gains of 2017 sifted through quicksand.

Regulations and volatility sent cryptocurrencies on a journey of uncertainty with their communities hoping that things would be different. This year, the crypto market gained and lost at almost the same speed. As some gave up, others laid it all out. Out of the few that prepared for the future, there’s one cryptocurrency that has its foot firmly set on 2019 and beyond – Qtum.

This year, Qtum gave snapshots of what it is capable of achieving and still managed to keep a better chunk of other great plans out of sight.

Qtum, which has a fully-fledged blockchain, is steps ahead of ethereum and bitcoin blockchains as it is already using Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. which used on the bitcoin and ethereum platforms although the latter plans to join Qtum on this.

Also, Qtum has picked “the best parts of both bitcoin and ethereum” to create “secure smart contract solutions representing what could eventually be the next phase of blockchain,” noted Forbes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are being powered by Qtum’s smart contract development platform.

Not only in smart contracts but Qtum is open to developers regardless of their coding language specialty. This will be possible through Qtum’s X86 Virtual machine. Additionally, Qtum accommodates interoperability with other blockchains through the Lightning Network.

QtumX, an “enterprise version of Qtum, which uses a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm,” will be released according to Qtum’s weekly updates. With QtumX, “users can launch a custom blockchain with customizable parameters just by submitting a label of parameters and clicking a button.”

Looking at the roadmap for 2019, Qtum is keen on replacing ethereum as the second public blockchain with which will come great gains for the Qtum crypto coin.

With Qtum being one cryptocurrency that has its foot firmly set on 2019 and beyond, what other crypto coins / blockchain projects do you think have used 2018 to prepare for 2019 and beyond?

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