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Community division as Litecoin logo is set to be featured at a UFC match

The Litecoin logo will be featured in a UFC match for the first time on December 29. This is according to a tweet made by Charlie Lee, the creator of the cryptocurrency. It’s a dream come true for Lee who is a crypto die hard as he seeks to see LTC gain mass adoption around the world.

The Litecoin logo will be on the stage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 232 that will see Jones face Gustaffson 2. In another announcement that was made in tandem with Lee’s tweet, John Eidson who is the director of marketing and communications at Litecoin said that LTC would be the ‘official currency partner’ at the upcoming UFC event.

The event is set to take place this coming Saturday on December 29 in Inglewood, California.

According to Eidson, the Litecoin foundation has intentions to continue partnerships with ‘great companies and brands’ as they move to 2019. So, it made logic for Litecoin to join UFC. The sponsorship will allow the Litecoin logo to be broadcasted around the world and hopefully, that will spark some interest in the altcoin.

Recently, Lee told Bloomberg that he intended to focus on adoption in 2019. He plans to increase adoption of the crypto-coin among merchants rather than focus on the code. Even though he is hesitant to provide an update on how that is going, he noted that he had begun to advise the HTC Exodus project which supports Litecoin as the world’s first blockchain-centric device.

Division among the LTC community

As the team behind Litecoin pushes for its global adoption, it seems its community is divided over its future. Erik Finman who his made his millions by investing early in crypto recently told MarketWatch that Litecoin has quite been dead for a while.

Also, another crypto skeptic Bitfinex’ed said that the Bitcoin fork was doomed from the start comparing the project to taking a perfect BMW and replacing its wheels with smaller ones then bragging how fast it is.

Do you believe Litecoin will benefit from having its logo featured on UFC? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Dr. Ingred

    December 27, 2018

    Of course exposure and use means increased prices. This “division” is no division at all, other than those who sold and those that are buying/holding.

    A bear market is time to accumulate. Especially in a coin that is highly ranked and getting increased exposure.