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The Focus on FUEL together with Etherparty in the economy

Crypto users and investor should look into FUEL

Etherparty – When investors are entering a new market there is always a degree of complexity, which some try to mitigate by working with a lawyer because of possible risks.

A lawyer can mitigate these risks by building contracts that are used to factor in any complexities. Smart contracts is a new way of handling these issues that Etherparty bring to the ecosystem.

However, this has not been proven to be the most efficient way of managing things as these services are contract oriented and have to run through middlemen and or centralised companies.

This can leave counter-parties exposed to vulnerabilities and security risks.

Smart contracts provide a crucial solution to these problems by mitigating a user’s contract to eliminate any central party risks that may be presented.

The Ethereum platform built on the premise of these problems in order to design and create decision making systems that would be resilient to third-party vulnerabilities.

The Ethereum platform can support DAO’s and DAC’s, through its esoteric programming language called Solidity.

The Etherparty token in the future

Etherparty brings a lot of new developments with it together with ease of use. It is being presented as a DAO that can do the same as Wix for websites. Ethereum currently has the top spot for being reliable, safe and easier to get involved with.

This has given it the potential of becoming the de facto platform for many marketable applications set to surface within the Blockchain ecosystem. Smart contract templates can be found stored in the cloud and all contracts are settled using a proprietary token called FUEL.

The execution of any transaction requires FUEL as its main source and this is where the natural demand comes from. All contracts using Etherparty is pegged to Fiat (USD) in order to avoid having any fluctuations in the price of FUEL affecting payouts.


Etherparty’s business model is very similar to a subscription where monthly fees are needed to determine how much of the features users will have access to and level of integration.

This creates a revenue stream and demand for FUEL that will eventually create great business opportunities and the price of this asset in the market.

Etherparty brings opportunities with Fuel

The movement of smart contracts, which can be defined as creating agreements between parties, has been rising in demand for the past few years has to lead to the creation of Etherparty making the Ethereum platform very appealing to investors and users of cryptocurrencies.

This crypto asset is currently ranked at position 372 in market capitalisation, buying and holding FUEL for the long-term can prove to very beneficial in the coming years.

The crypto assets can be bought through exchanges such as Binance and can be stored in the Jaxx wallet app.

The token went above 400 satoshis, and based on current trading patterns the token could breakout of the 210 to 240 satoshi range soon.

The ability to understand, deploy and create Smart contracts will prove to become increasingly more important over time as the industry grows and continues to develop with more companies starting to use the Blockchain.

Do you have any thought on the development of these platforms? Feel free to leave a comment down below.


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