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Steve Wozniak invited to enjoy a cryptocurrency-only holiday

TravelbyBit, an Australian travel company championing for the use of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin when traveling, has invited Steve Wozniak to enjoy a cryptocurrency only-holiday in Australia.

Steve Gary Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple, Inc., a leading technology company.

Wozniak’s invite by TravelbyBit was sparked by his own comments during the Crypto Invest Summit which was held in Los Angeles. During the summit, Steve said that his “goal is to travel to another part of the world, and just take Bitcoin only.”

In response, TravelbyBit, in a tweet, invited Steve saying:

“Hi Woz [Wozniak], we heard you’d like to travel to another part of the world with #Bitcoin. Come to 1770 – Australia’s first crypto holiday town! & book your flights in with TravelbyBit.”

1770 is a town in central Queensland and it is using a different approach in calling in tourists. Over 30 businesses around the town have already integrated cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. They include cafes, hairdressers, brick and mortar retailers.

The travel company has developed and enabled crypto payments at Brisbane Airport through a point of sale application.

For Caleb Yeoh, TravelbyBit’s CEO, “traveling with one global currency like Bitcoin… makes sense”  since traveling around the world one will need to convert from one currency to another which can be confusing, tedious, and can lead to loses in case of untrustworthy money changers.

The journey to accepting crypto in Brisbane started with Gordon Christian, a real estate agent, who convinced local businesses to embrace the blockchain technology and all it offers. Gordon wanted to initiate a boost to the town’s tourism sector which is its main industry.

Currently, there is a campaign going on in the town and starts with a welcome billboard which reads “Welcome to Agnes Water-1770, Australia’s first digital currency town.”

With such a heated campaign, Wozniak’s acceptance will bring his dream closer to reality but it will also boast the ongoing campaign.

As of the time of writing, Steve had not indicated whether he honors the invite to the cryptocurrency-only holiday.

If Wozniak accepts the offer, what effect do you think it will have on the global view of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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