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The Brave browser to reward its users

A partnership to change the future of browsing

Brave is a privacy focused browser that is build using the blockchain technology. The browser seeks to reward users with deals and discounts for the viewing of ads. 

The browser will pay people in cryptocurrency for watching ads and plans on giving users a way to trade tokens for offers from brands. According to the information provided, brave will be partnering alongside the TAP network, which is a data and advertising platform. That will let Brave browser users trade the Basic Attention Token (BAT) with offers from 250,000 brands.

The announcement was made today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This has just unlocked a new incentive for users of the brave browser, a platform which has over 5.8 million monthly users.

Users of the browser will now be able to trade in the BAT cryptocurrency for rewards from brands such as Nike, Uber, Amazon and Starbucks.

This is expected to start rolling out at the beginning of this spring with the brave’s desktop browser and will then be introduced to mobile platforms as well.

Brave’s CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich, who is also the founder of Mozilla, hopes that the partnership will further motivate users who are already using the Chromium-based browser for its privacy features. It will also be able to create relationships between the brand and consumers a like.

The shift from normal browser to paid browsers

The technique that the company uses is cryptography in order to protect its users data and also storing it on each device, rather than sending it out to ad networks.

Eich also mentioned that:

“We want to set new standards for anonymous ads and donations, ways of blocking tracking without breaking websites.”  

Up until recently, users of the BAT cryptocurrency could pay publishers or other creators for premium content. This is the first time that users can earn anything from brands themselves.

TAP which was founded by Hooch is a subscription-based mobile app for bars, restaurants and travelling. It now supports a built-in network that lets them convert Brave’s tokens into rewards from various brands.

According to Lin Dai the co-founder of TAP and Hooch:

“Our business model and Brendan’s is really rewarding consumers and sharing with the majority and letting them participate with the economic upside, and we hope that whatever we do does start to shift behaviours.” 

Brave and TAP are not the only blockchain companies trying to move the internet towards a model that relies on tokens and a reward system rather than digital invasive ads.

Last year through the creation of the cryptocurrency called Kin, it began testing a reward program with brands like Red Bull and Swarovski. Kin worked with programs like Backhawk Network in order to trade in points for deals from more than 700 brands ranging from Domino’s , Nike, Gamestop to Sepahora

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