From an iPhone X to a sheep, this online marketplace denominates items in crypto

An internet-based marketplace in Russia is facilitating a connection between buyers and sellers. Notably, the marketplace denominates items in crypto. The platform has various categories ranging from real-estate, transport, crypto industry, to clothing and business, among others.

At a glance, the platform can be mistaken for a regular website filled with advertisements. But on a closer look, all the items on the marketplace have crypto price tags. The supported crypto coins include LTC, ETH, ZEC, XRP, and BTC.

With its roots in Russia, the Russian crypto fraternity is increasingly shopping on the platform. The platform sells items and services ranging from land, houses, and mobile phones. Farmers are also finding a place to sell their sheep at 0.074 per head.

According to Mentalmarket CFO, Kirill Skotnikov:

“Our mission is to make the daily use of cryptocurrency as familiar and simple as using bank cards by offering a wide range of goods and services and providing the infrastructure to simplify the interaction with cryptocurrencies for a large number of users.”

The CFO also indicated that all Audi models sold by a dealer in Saint Petersburg, a city in Russia, can now be purchased using virtual currencies.

For Kirill, the current market downturn could be avoided if cryptos were put into everyday use. The platform is even planning to have a scoring system that gauges the trustworthiness of all sellers on the platform.

Even as the platform denominates items in crypto, the online marketplace is operating in a country where cryptos are unregulated. However, it is providing virtual currency enthusiasts in Russia and all supported countries a chance to directly buy items and services with digital currency.

Since the online platform denominates items in crypto, do you think it will increase the daily usage of cryptocurrencies?

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