KIBIS allows the unbanked to pay utility bills and make purchases in Crypto

As a way of assisting unbanked, KIBIS Blockchain Company is launching a global network of self-service kiosks to allow millions of unbanked people around the world to make purchases, access various financial services and pay bills.

According to KIBIS, a plethora of services are available through its kiosks. This unlocks consumers pay for water, gas, book airline tickets, electricity and check flight details, services will be available through its kiosks.

Consumers can pay for gas, water and electricity, book airline tickets and check flight details. Accepted payment mode of self-service will be cryptocurrencies and cash in the permitted countries. Other alternatives of payments will become will be released in due course.

In partnership with hundreds of mobile carriers, the platform enables the public to top up smartphones of their loved ones and give them the chance to donate to charitable causes they are passionate about directly from its kiosks.

There are ranges of organizations bidding to help fuel up the mainstream cryptocurrencies adoption. Leveraging this service, consumers would also be able to invest in gift cards for crypto exchanges

A high-throughput blockchain network will be used to process transactions, with an e-wallet payment network set to follow in the future. KIBIS is able to run at a reasonable scale, a side chain that connects to the Ethereum mainnet is going to be created.

Income generations

KIBIS hopes to generate income and revenue via transaction fees paid during the usage of their services. Kiosks will also be making use of two additional revenue generations methods. Advertising display can be found at the top of each kiosk as well footfall that these machines are likely to enjoy around the world.

High efficiency mining equipment is also going to be embedded within each KIBIS kiosk, with each machine enjoying access to a low-cost source of electricity.

Kiosks future plans

Projection of the year 2019, KIBIS plans to start ordering manufacture with in-built mining equipment that will be destined for the United Arab Emirates, and signing a memorandum of agreement at each location where kiosks will be based.


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