Pundi X Plans on releasing Blockchain Phone for Decentralized calling

Blockchain phone by Pundi X is about to be released

According to an announcement by Pitt Huang, which is the CTO and co-founder of  Pundi X has said that the first blockchain phone call has been made. The company has been focused on Blockchain technology for a while for use in people’s everyday lives. Earlier in this year, the Pundi X was responsible for launching the world’s first working blockchain-powered point of sale device. This will make cryptocurrencies much more reliable when on the go.

The company has stated that the first blockchain phone call was made by Pundi X on the 10th of October 2018, this was during the second day of the international X Blockchain Summit at the Inaya Putri Bali. The public demonstration of the Blockchain telephone call was made on the XPhone.

The Pundi X brings features on the Phone

The XPhone will be one of Pundi X’s latest devices, that will be running independently of any centralized mobile carriers which is what the traditional phones of today require. The Companies XPhone will be running on Function X Blockchain. The Blockchain developed by Pundi X with great supporters like Huang that thinks this will be a revolutionizing way of transmitting data of all kinds. This will give rise to a truly decentralized internet infrastructure.

According to the company the phone the Function X OS was built in part by the Andriod OS 9.0 which has created an automatic compatibility with Andriod Apps. Developments from Andriod OS will be transferable to the Function X, this will allow for an easier transition for both the users and developers. The Function X ecosystem will consist of many systems with Docker and IPFS serving as the engining for the decentralization for web requests as opposed to the internet’s HTTP protocol. This will cause each node to have its own address and private key, which will uniquely be linked to the node names.

pundits x blockchain phone

Pundi X thinks that once a user has registered their devices they may be able to transmit and receive public and or private data that is shared by others, through giving users direct access to that data.   An example of this is that a user wishes to access another user’s public content, a user can do so through FXTP prompts, while the users that want to contact another would use the command call on the XPhone. A users photos, data, and websites can be accessed through this path. Communication with the interception is guaranteed from that point on. The introduction of the Function X Blockchain also means that any information sent in this manner will also be recorded on the chain, creating a decentralized system for communication.

Blockchain Phones will push decentralization

The CTO and co-founder Pitt Huang think the XPhone OS has been made available to Phone manufacture for development and testing as information regarding the X Function will be made available by Pundi X on the 15th of October 2018. Smartphone manufacturer HTC and Sirin Labs which is a cryptocurrency startup, are also developing Blockchain phones to be released soon.

Pundi X plans only on officially launching the XPhone, Function X, FXTP and the IFPS in the second quarter of 2019, as the decentralized model from Pund X has been working good so far. These latest developments will have a massive impact on the applicability of the Blockchain technology.



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