The GGC is now in Collaboration with Kucoin to trade unique tokens

Trading in Kucoin on the Blockchain is like Gold

The Asian Blockchain asset exchange market has announced the listing of Gram Coin Collaboration and is now prepared to make deposits available for the approval of trading pairs that include GGC/BTC and the GGC/USDT pairs as well. The trading pairs are all available on the KuCoin mobile app or on the official website of Kucoin.

The Gram Coin Collaboration company is one that administers, facilitates, issues, as well as store the GGC through the application of the bullion gold Dapp on the Blockchain. The team sees this kind of applications that can be created on the blockchain as a transaction platform. The company also plans on integrating product designs, as well as market dynamics in order to improve the GGC acceptance.

The team thinks this will make it a base digital token for financing, exchanges, payments and value preservation. GGC is expected to become one of the main based cryptocurrencies that will be positioned at contributing connectivity, arbitrage, hedging and much more.

gold on the blockchain

One GGC will be represented as 1 Gram of Gold when pegged to the value and will be transacted on the Blockchain. This way the Gold price will remain stable at its smallest value. This will make it possible for secondary transactions to be sent out at a more frequent flow with a very high level of efficiency, confidentiality, and safety.

A project that makes the Blockchain a Gold standard

The project plans on issuing different kinds of tokens called Gram Gold Eco, that will be used by the members of the foundation, teams, exchanges, and advisors, who help to continue the Gram Gold Ecosystem.

The GramGold Coin is a token that has a value pegged to the Gold bullion and is based on the Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain network that trades compatible on all large crypto exchanges, in partnership with GGC. One (1) gram of gold will represent each GGC that will be recorded as a vault statement, which will be sent via a smart contract through a Proof of Asset (PoA) structure.

The project plans to create just 1 GGC on the Blockchain, together with the Kucoin. The final product would have to be released in order to see how markets will react to this kind of value transfer. The company plans on having GGC valued and backed by real physical gold. With its intrinsic value being represented and transferred on the Blockchain, the GGC will become a safe option for the exchange of value while providing liquidity in the crypto space.

According to reports the Gold bullion will be held by a trusted vault service provider. The gold bullion will not be held by GGC at any time and the gold bullion is kept below the vault to be verified periodically on its reserved amount. The transaction fees from the company will help in paying for the maintenance and expenses of the ecosystem including the vault providers.

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