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Reasons why Ethereum is one of the best long-term investment choices

In the last few years since the cryptocurrency industry gained breathtaking popularity, many traders have been setting their eyes on Ethereum in terms of investment. This is because it was not long before the coin overtook litecoin and other major coins. As such, here as some reasons why Ethereum is one of the best long-term investment choices.

According to the platform’s co-creator, Steven Nerayoff, the digital coin is expected to triple in value by the end of 2018. He added that many businesses in all sectors are looking to see what value could be offered by the platform’s protocol. He attributed the increased adoption of the coin to its quick and cheap transaction processing. Additionally, Steven stated as a matter of fact that this increased adoption would stimulate the coin’s value regardless of whether it overtakes bitcoin or not.

Moreover, when it comes to comparison with bitcoin, what mostly comes to mind is Ethereum. The platform is more advanced in terms of technology development as compared to bitcoin. The coin’s blockchain network enables developers to come up with new ideas and also create their own altcoins. This means that Ethereum is offering more than what other digital currencies are bringing.

Also, the cryptocurrency has experienced mass adoption with global companies such as Intel. Thus billions are being poured into the platform. As such, could easily lead to a tripling in price in the next bullish momentum. Nerayoff added that a large number of global companies in the oil and gas industries are becoming increasingly interested in the platform’s technology. These are some of the reasons why Ethereum is one of the best long-term investment choices.

Lastly, forecasts place the coin’s price at $2500 by the end of 2018, and $14,000 by 2019. Hence, the kind of returns you should expect from investing in Ethereum is quite huge.

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