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3 Blockchain companies to pay attention to in 2018

If cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of many that feel that traditional financial institutions are flawed because of how they control money, then many more ought to pay attention to the underlying technology which these crypto coins run on because it promises to transform every industry. Below we will have a look at 3 Blockchain companies that everyone should pay attention to in 2018.


Already with a strong presence in cloud marketplaces like Google, Amazon, and Github, and also boasting a very impressive list of partners and customers, Buddy is an app store designed by developers for developers and it has a vision of becoming the backbone that talented programmers can use to build indigenous blockchain solutions and off chain apps and services. The platform aims to take the most work off developers plates by automating everything that can be automated and in the process, this will let developers use the time to be creative.


This company is one of the leading blockchain companies in Japan it’s currently working on an impressive project about a decentralized influencer marketing platform that will help eliminate inefficiencies that exist in branded content and the social media. The company just recently raised $40 million through an ICO and its expanding its operations to the US. The platform has gained international recognition for the strategic partnerships it has made so far and the impressive team of blockchain leaders and industry experts.


With partnerships from TRON, Crypro Capital, FBG capital, Consensus Capital, Block VC, Kim’s Capital, Roark Fund and D Fund, this platform is a must watch in 2018 as it promises to revolutionize the media and digital content industry by offering full control of content creation, storage and access to users. More impressively, the platform’s core team boasts an impressive array of talents who hail from prestigious institutions like Havard and MIT.

What other Blockchain companies should we pay attention to in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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