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Opera takes a deeper stride into the crypto world

After providing protection against cryptojacking malware for both its desktop and mobile users in January this year, Opera web browser is taking a deeper stride into the crypto world. This time around, the web browser is incorporating a cryptocurrency wallet available for those using Android-powered smartphones.

According to today’s press release, “the new version of the Opera browser, currently available in a private beta on Android, combines easy-to-use crypto wallet functionality with support for Ethereum decentralized apps, or Dapps. This means users can now interact with Web 3.0 using our popular and fully-featured Opera mobile browser.”

The web 3.0 API that opera is integrating into the mobile browser will give developers on the ethereum platform a chance to interact with remote or local ethereum nodes. It will also make it possible to interact with crypto-collectibles like CryptoKitties.

With such a wallet already installed on Opera, there will be no need to install extra add-ons or extensions when you want to purchase goods or services using virtual currencies.

“Just so we’re clear, this is a user-controlled wallet, which means that the keys controlling the funds and assets are on the user’s phone and nowhere else. Our wallet instead asks a user’s permission for each site requesting wallet information before exposing it, similar to how existing web permissions work (geolocation, camera or file system access, for example). This is again made possible by building a crypto wallet on an existing, full-featured browser.” Noted Charles Hamel, the product lead at Opera Crypto division.

With the new crypto wallet from Opera, you can either create a new wallet or you can “import an existing one using a standard 12-word backup phrase.”

Charles also indicated that the integrated wallet is easier to use and uses Android’s secure lock to sign transactions “so users don’t have to learn any new codes to use the wallet.”

With opera taking a deeper stride into the crypto world with an inbuilt crypto wallet, do you think other popular browsers are likely to follow suit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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