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Ellen DeGeneres gifted with XRP tokens worth $4 million.

Ripple has been testing the speeds of transacting on their platform. The tests have been largely effective considering ripple’s platform has higher transactions per second than any other most platforms. In another attempt to confirm the speeds, and in a surprise, Ashton Kutcher surprised his friend Ellen DeGeneres live on air. This time, by instantly transferring XRP tokens worth $4 million.

This happened live during Ellen DeGeneres show on NBC. The XRP tokens worth $4 million were donated to Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund on behalf of ripple. The transfer of the tokens was marked as instant.

“Kutcher joked that, typically, such a large donation might be accompanied by a “big, giant check,” but the actor instead had DeGeneres push a button on his phone that transferred millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency to the charity instantly.” Reported CNBC.

While donating the tokens to DeGeneres, Kutcher said, “we want to show you that people are thinking about you”.

Kutcher has investments in ripple together with a friend, Oseary, through Sound Ventures, a technology investment fund which has also spread its wings to tech startups like Zenefits. Additionally, Kutcher was among the early supporters of Uber and Airbnb.

The XRP token occupies the third position on the coin chart with bitcoin being the first and ethereum the second.

Despite the major milestones that ripple has made, it has not been able to keep away from controversy with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claiming that ripple is approaching investors with securities that are not registered.

Ripple is currently wooing its technology to major financial institutions. Santander and WesternUnion are a few of those who are currently using ripple’s technology for cross-border financial transactions although they have not yet embraced the use of the XRP token.

Do you think the financial institutions that are using ripple’s platform for cross-border transactions will at one point embrace the XRP token?

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